Friday, November 9, 2012

Quality Construction Work - without permits ?

Most people say this is insane and cannot happen, 
but here it is ....believe it or not !!

Now I have shared these with you before, here are some more nice pictures of the high quality un permitted construction work during the last 18 months. This work has progressed nicely under the careful supervision of San Jose Code enforcement & Building Inspection Department - none of which employees make less then $88,000 - $200,00 per year Plus excellent Benefits. Your Calif tax dollar hard at work.

Illegal side setback zoning violation & illegal structurally unsound 2 nd story addition.

The best part is the fine owner of this property committed loan fraud for $700,000 and the bank is not even interested in foreclosing on the property, after 4 years non payment, a duplex that has been turned into a illegal 6 plex. You only hear the stories about the mean bank that foreclosed on a 110 year,
little old lady....nobody prints these kind of horror stories in the news. 

Why does the bank not just foreclose, maybe because it would come with too many problems ? MAYBE !!

If someone could tell "ME" my why city can't condemn this house and have the utilities, gas , water & electric turned off ..... I would be willing to pay you a small fortune for that :-))

Here you can see the illegal 5 ft side set back zone addition &
 the roof addition, this house is "SO BAD"  that the property owner on that side 
can no longer rent out his house & he is loosing $1,800 per month on rent.

Here is the view from the left side of the 2nd story addition.