Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Solar panel cover down

Here it is with the cover down. Now some of you may not be used to seeing the panel on the wall - but in the morning the panel is almost 90 deg to the sun & it's cold - so I expect to get max power when the sun comes up & again when it goes down.

During the day , the hotter the panel is - over 25 deg C or about 70 deg F the less power it will produce. At 85 deg and full sun - your panel will easily be over 110 deg F , I would guess you may only get 50-60% solar if that much.

First panel is almost up

Well here is the sneak peak of what it will look like when covered - still needs to be hooked up and have the tool box & slider secured.

255 watts almost down, only 2000 more watts to go.

I am also planing on installing some sonar & cameras - so don't plan on sneaking up on me in the wild :-))

Friday, May 24, 2013

Coming solar panel cover

Here is just my mock up design of what the front solar panel should look like this coming week. The Diamond plate cover and design cost as much as the solar panel - but it's all about looking good.

Below is my digital door lock, grab rail and exterior LED light

Trailer lights coming along

Not done yet, but LED lighting is moving along nicely.
Yesterday I sent the Diamond plate out to be bent & cut for the
Front solar panel cover, should be done by this coming week.