Sunday, April 28, 2013

The $269 digital RV LOCK vs my $69 lock

This has a little key FOB to lock & unlock the door - fits standard RV door latch.

New selection of tiles and other goodies

Here are the new tiles, a 10,000 lbs trailer hitch, some great wax to polish the diamond plate, 50 extra LED light from the factory and my new exterior door lock from Lowes - only $69 a good deal considering the ugly trailer lock is $45 already.

I saw a digital RV Lock for $249 - that would fit the standard RV door lock set.

To make this lock fit I did have to reinforce the 1" plywood , I added another 1" oak plate to the inside to reinforce the door.

The small round lights are LED marker lights, the white bar is a back up light, the red bar is brake & blinker , the small square lights are interior dome lights. The good news is if you follow me - you will go blind if you get to close as I will have double to - 4 times normal lightning.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trip to get OverTheTopCargoTrailer 2.0

The map says 6200 miles, 

but with some side trips it was really about 6500 miles :? :? 

:lol: :lol: :lol: 

I hope this sets a record for someone willing to get just the right trailer 8) 8) 

REMEMBER - its gotta be OverTheTop 

Version 1.0 going into storage.

A little sad goodbye 

            For the time being my first try is being used as storage for the next 6 months, while version 2.0 is being built.

After that it will be brought back as a cheaper version & will be used as an extra bedroom in my driveway while OTTCT 2.0 views the country.

Tomorrow I will try and move OTTCT 2.0 into its building location - ie dry dock.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Never adjust trailer brakes

        This is a really great and priceless item, never do you need to bend under the trailer and try to fiddle with those stupid brakes .... IMHO this is a 100% must have item.