Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pismo Beach 2014 Vintage trailer rally

          Here we are at the 2014 Pismo beach vintage trailer show, they said they were sold out at 300 - but it seamed like 100's more were there. About 40-50% were Airstreams, some folks had old and worn out trailers, others were using the occasion to sell their junk or their old unfinished trailers to the visitors. There were even about 10+ teardrops. The admission to see the trailers was FREE but street parking was a real Biach unless you get there at 9 am ! Below are a few of the trailers which I really liked and where I did not have to fight off  a dozen people to get pictures. The Rally was May 16,17 & 18th. The show was open Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. For those who wanna go and show off your trailer better get on the list,  as it fills up 30 seconds after they announce the opening of 2015 show. 

Most pictures are in groups so you can see what
 the interior looks like. 
Click on picture for super full size picture.

Best Airstream at the Rally IMHO