Sunday, July 31, 2011

Installed Swan Security System

       The system is halfway installed and is up and running already. Total install time about 6 hours, since I did not know what I was doing - this was my first system. Now I will also get one for the house.
I learned some interesting stuff about cameras, the more you pay the better the picture that you get, also the more Infrared LED's you have - the further the night time distance the camera goes. A good $200 camera with 30 LED's will go up to 130 ft at night. Most cheap cameras don't give you anything worthwhile at night time, so what is the use? I would guess the thieves work 24/7 , not only during the day time hours. Cost of this basic system was approx. $350.

I chose a swan system as it has lots of different kinds and qualities of cameras to choose from, the more Infrared LED's that you have the brighter the thing glows at night time, I will try to get a night time picture if my camera is willing.  

It can be viewed in quad mode.

Or viewed as a single camera.

Easy to install - just drill 3/4" hole through side.
Rear driver side camera.

Front passenger side camera.

Front under side camera for when truck is unhooked.

This system has a mouse which makes it very easy to adjust all the cameras and settings. 
If all 4 cameras record, the current time is 342 hours on a 500 HD, 
then it will just start over from the oldest date.

This system can also be connected to the internet and viewed live,
after I get all the wires laid out that might come next.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I tested the 3 TB hard drive & got ipad 2 this week

         Since I had a little computer issue this week, by clicking something wrong on my VMware fusion program, that left my Mac and PC not talking to each other any more. After some help from my guru , I now have a machine where stuff I make on the PC shows up on the Mac and vice versa.... Well not perfect , but much better then finding nothing on the PC at all.

The 3 TB HD helped me to copy my files off the machine and hopefully soon iMac & PC will be best friends again.

The iPad 2 I thought takes great pictures & video's.  I was able to make my first crappie 5 minute video combined with pictures and video. I am very hopeful when trailer gets done to also make a video for You -Tube posting. Making movies with iMovie on the iPad 2 was a simple as 1 , 2 , 3 !!

Parts are finally arriving

Hey Hey Boys & Girls

OverTheTop finally back

My special order stuff has mostly arrived & my wallet is sightly slimmer, but what wouldn't I do for you guys, to throw in some more bling !!  I'm still way below what it would cost for a good used Airstream  
If there is something you feel that I am leaving out, don't be shy and leave me a link to your favorite goodie you would never leave home without.

The final wallpaper selection.

The supper well packed 36 gallon water tank 

They still can't tell a clear cover from a white one...
even on the second time around... who says you can't get
low quality, slow service & high prices from the Good Old USA !!

If its not too hot and to busy at work this coming week , maybe I can get around to installing some of this stuff.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still waiting for parts to arrive

       While its boring as hell waiting for parts to arrive, I did get in a little shopping for some more Bling !
Here are some pictures of the goodies that I was able to find mostly at Orchard Supply , also known locally as plain old OSH.

I just love the blue LED on these floor lights

Flood lights with blue LED's, you can see they will do a 
super great job highlighting the glass tiles.

Its a kind of metal foil outlet covering material, like gold foil.

Stainless steel stick on wall tiles, this might become my backsplash ?

Its a little expensive at $20 per sq. ft !!

Nice lights, maybe for the exterior door ?

Assortment of small electric parts.

Assortment of small electric parts.

Liquid electric tape.

The newest marine grade electric connectors, not cheap at $5 a box, 
but might come in handy somewhere ?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Just waiting for more parts to arrive

       Ordering parts seams to take forever. Today I found the new glass tiles at a local Lowes they were in stock and on the shelf. Other stores have them as a special order item. Its always better to get them off the shelf, then they can be returned if something is left over. Lowes has a great selection of special order glass tiles.

Tiles from Lowes

       I am still waiting for my second 36 gallon water tank to arrive, its been 2 weeks now. The wall paper was ordered approx. 1 week ago and should show up soon, maybe Monday or Tuesday ? I also ordered another box of wood flooring for around the bed area, estimated arrival time is July 15th. It seams that while waiting for parts, time goes by slowly.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Found tiles for the back cargo door wall

      These tiles are pure bling, not sure if you can see all the colors, so I have tried 3-4 different angles. The tiles go great with the Diamond plate, wood flooring and the new wall paper. I will just need some accent lights to make them really sparkle.

 You can see how they reflect in the light.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do you wanna build a cargo trailer ?

        Let me highly recommend you read or join the form from . They have endless info that will be helpful for your project. Most of their members build really great Teardrop trailers. You can join for FREE. I am just a newbie over there, so I will let you know more details when I figure it all out. But if you click on the link below, you can get help with your cargo trailer project. Some of the projects are 20+ pages long.

The only bad thing about reading over there, is that I get more crazy ideas and spend less time building my project, what the hell, its a lot of fun seeing other projects.

Building cargo trailers

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Newly added slide show & picture gallery

        WOW....adding that stuff, that took a little work for a almost newbie blogger, maybe when the project is all done I will be able to add some U Tube video with a little music so you can see the thing in full scale. If I can figure all that out ? That will be a couple of more months in the future, so stay tuned, LOTS of good stuff is still coming. Thanks for checking out the pictures.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Interior Designer came to the trailer

     We spent some time talking about and picking out the wall finish, required to tie the whole project together. Since the interior items like glass tiles and diamond plate are very modern, it was decided that we would go with a metallic finish wall paper. Here are the final 2 selections, we decided to pick one of those two, you will have to stay tuned to find out which one until at least late next week at the soonest. It was also decided that we would get another box of the wood flooring to go around the bed area , to tie everything together. I sorta wanted to mix the two patters one on each wall, but that idea was nixed by the designer.

I guess I will try to spend the week doing the primer coat :-)

1 of 2 possible selections ?

1 of 2 possible selections ?

Stay tuned until next Friday July 8th or latter.