Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pictures from AZ - RV show

     Here are some of my fav night time pictures of the trailer , they would be nicer with a better camera & some stars in the back ground. I'm parked next to a friend with Patio Lights and a light tree.

This is my special shaking effect

Best German food in Quartzsite GUARANTEED !!

A lithium battery from the RV show

            I found this battery at the RV show in AZ ... It's 100 AH only weighs 26 lbs , supper light , min 2000 - 4000 cycles. These are about 60% lighter and have 10 x the recharge cycles of AMG Batteries. There are many other features and benefits vs AMG or Flooded batteries, maybe latter I will go into more detail.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More LED strobe lights

          I just found these at a local auto parts store, they are very bright and came with lots of extra wire. The red strobe light was $19.99 and the 4 white lights were $29.99 they have a number of different settings. One warning however don't use these lights on the road, someone may claim your trying to look like the police. They are mostly recommended for off road use. Mine will mostly be used as part of my security system.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Today's plumbing project

           Here is my plumbing project for today, it looks really messy now but it has incoming city water, used to have 2 water filters. This system can fill both my tanks with hot or cold water for heating. It also has a 12 volt pump 3 GPM when out on the road. Today I added the reverse osmosis water filter system along with 2 storage tanks. The filter only works when connected to city water, it can make up to 18 gallons pure water per day - thats also why I have 2 tanks. Below you can also see the new LED motion light and the water filter spout. Sorry for the mess one day I'll get it all cleaned up.

See broken filter bottom right side

Below you can see water filter right side, 
light top left "told you it was bright" and water faucet below the light
broken filter laying on the tank

First big equipment failure

         This very expensive in line filter busted the plastic glass while I was rebooting the new plumbing system. WOW lucky I was standing right there and only had a 2 gallon flood vs 100's. I also discovered my expensive industrial quality hose says not for potable water, do not leave under pressure, don't expose to the sun & don't use with hot water WTF , it says all this crap in 6 pt print on the rear where no one reads it . Will try to post a picture latter so you can see how not to get ripped off.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Careful trailer parking in an english garage

Don't view this with a full bladder

A great mobile Wifi hot spot set up with everything from A to Z

Here is a sample of a nice mobile wifi - hotspot set up that has everything from A to Z

I found this at and he even has a video on his page 69 giving more details

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Two new great LED Motion lights

Here are 2 brand new LED Motion Sensor lights for about $12 each, including batteries. The top brown light only has one super bright LED - but it's much brighter then the white light with 3 adjustable LEDs. The brown light has what looks like a strip of VHB tape or 2 screws to attach the light to wood or a metal wall. The white light has a 1.5" metal disk magnet that would stay in place & attaches to the light. This makes it easier to remove and change batteries when needed especially on a metal cargo trailer. The white light is also adjustable by time - the brown is fixed. BTW they are both off during the day time.