Sunday, January 12, 2014

Today's plumbing project

           Here is my plumbing project for today, it looks really messy now but it has incoming city water, used to have 2 water filters. This system can fill both my tanks with hot or cold water for heating. It also has a 12 volt pump 3 GPM when out on the road. Today I added the reverse osmosis water filter system along with 2 storage tanks. The filter only works when connected to city water, it can make up to 18 gallons pure water per day - thats also why I have 2 tanks. Below you can also see the new LED motion light and the water filter spout. Sorry for the mess one day I'll get it all cleaned up.

See broken filter bottom right side

Below you can see water filter right side, 
light top left "told you it was bright" and water faucet below the light
broken filter laying on the tank


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  2. I always enjoy reading about interesting plumbing projects, and this is a great blog post. It does a fantastic job of summarizing the parts and the photos do a really good job of displaying the entire set-up. Now I feel a little more inspired to tackle my own projects that have been building up. Thanks for sharing!

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