Saturday, March 26, 2011

ARB 37QT Fridge Freezer - FREE SHIPPING - Sierra Expeditions

ARB 37QT Fridge Freezer - FREE SHIPPING - Sierra Expeditions

          I have had my 63Q  cooler now for about 2 weeks and have done some intensive testing to see how well it works and I am quite happy so far. At first I was a little freaked out, when after 5 days I noticed the temp 35 deg F, but the inside cooler temp was like 45 deg F....( it was using only 130 watts per day however ) so I contacted Sierra Expeditions and they put me in contact with the factory rep who was willing to take the unit back. After some more home testing I discovered the temp inside the box was different at different locations. Colder on the outside walls, bottom & warmer in the middle and on the top. I now found my personal sweet spot at the 20 deg setting, at that temperature my soda's is ICE - COLD at 30 deg, the new stuff I put in on top does not freeze. If I put in something frozen on the bottom, it stays 100% frozen. YAHOO , I now have the best of both worlds, Freezer & cooler in one unit. At this setting it is using about 350 watts per day in 75 deg  temp. Looks like (1) - 80 watt solar panel might do the trick.

I compared this unit to the 40-Q Engel cooler, it has 50% more space for the same $$, it also has the German Danfos 35 compressor - which is #1 in the world over & it also has 3 years warranty vs 2 years from Engel, so I am getting triple the BANK - for my BUCK !! - Its a no brainer in my opinion.

Over The Top Cargo Trailer

          This is the story of one mans journey to create a great Solar cargo trailer. I have seen very few links on this topic on the internet. There are a few people who have created a cargo trailers with some solar mostly of a very simple version, 6 x 12, 1 futon bed, a small stove, a small battery and a few solar panel, but here my goal is to hit the ball out of the park. I have looked at houses - trailers built by   but those seam to cost $50k+, that seams a little high in my humble opinion. The budget for this project will be up to $30k, not counting my labor of course, so stay tuned and lets see what happens? We are starting version #2 with a newer 2013  CarMate cargo trailer 7 x 18'  cost is approx. $7,000 - the picture above is version #1 from 2007. The 2013 CarMate will be the first RV trailer ever built in the USA to support 100% solar HVAC - that is heating down to 10F and cooling up to 115F provided 100% pure solar - this is something most experts will tell you is impossible, yet however here we are, I have constructed the impossible. I hope that you will join me on this journey and refer my blog to your friends. 

Below are some pictures of the First version 2007 trailer

& the newer 2013 CarMate version is below

Hidden side solar panels great for mornings & winter time

6 Extra bright rear lights - you can't miss them

The 16,000 Watt Lithium Battery System

Digitale door locks

Roof top solar panels

A sliding full size storage tool box
allowing for extreme turning

Running lights

The 4th of July view Red - White & Blue
front and on the side

Special custom made solar roof racks