Saturday, March 26, 2011

ARB 37QT Fridge Freezer - FREE SHIPPING - Sierra Expeditions

ARB 37QT Fridge Freezer - FREE SHIPPING - Sierra Expeditions

          I have had my 63Q  cooler now for about 2 weeks and have done some intensive testing to see how well it works and I am quite happy so far. At first I was a little freaked out, when after 5 days I noticed the temp 35 deg F, but the inside cooler temp was like 45 deg F....( it was using only 130 watts per day however ) so I contacted Sierra Expeditions and they put me in contact with the factory rep who was willing to take the unit back. After some more home testing I discovered the temp inside the box was different at different locations. Colder on the outside walls, bottom & warmer in the middle and on the top. I now found my personal sweet spot at the 20 deg setting, at that temperature my soda's is ICE - COLD at 30 deg, the new stuff I put in on top does not freeze. If I put in something frozen on the bottom, it stays 100% frozen. YAHOO , I now have the best of both worlds, Freezer & cooler in one unit. At this setting it is using about 350 watts per day in 75 deg  temp. Looks like (1) - 80 watt solar panel might do the trick.

I compared this unit to the 40-Q Engel cooler, it has 50% more space for the same $$, it also has the German Danfos 35 compressor - which is #1 in the world over & it also has 3 years warranty vs 2 years from Engel, so I am getting triple the BANK - for my BUCK !! - Its a no brainer in my opinion.

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  1. A year ago , Maybe on this site, I ran accross this van that successfuly put a freezer in his red van,I think it was a red VW. his solar panels over head was wider and longer than the van itself. were you the one that posted his article? Am wanting to study what he did but now cant find it.


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