Saturday, April 2, 2011

What is coming along for the ride ?

So to keep you interested in my project, here are a few items that I will be adding to my trailer. CLICK on the picture to get a full size version.

Must have item # 1 - 
A 26" Vizio internet TV , uses only 35 watts as we need to keep with the green program of low, low energy use. 

Bellow you can see my must have # 2-
The Bosch instant - endless water heater - you never know when those long hot shower come in handy after a hard day.

Finally must have item # 3-
Because nothing in the world sucks more that having to take a shower inside a sardine can, which RV people normally call a compact shower. This trailer will have a "Totally Over the Top" 34" x 48" x 6 ft tall glass tile shower & enclosure.

On the top of the shower pan box you can see a selection of the glass shower wall tiles. Below is a sample glue up of the tiles to make sure that everything sticks as it bounces down the road. More construction details will come as the shower enclosure is being built. The tiles are applied to plywood & a Schluter water proof membrane - Kerdi Board , so everything will be supper light weight.

Another must have is a DCS- Fisher Paykal  single burner 17,000 Btu stove as those little dinky cheap 5,000 Btu RV burners also make me puke. Who needs to wait 4 hours for your coffee to get warmed up on a cold morning ? This thing heats faster then a micro :-))

Some more smaller assortment of goodies are super low energy LED ceiling & wall lights and electric floor heating mats, 5+ door and wall peep holes, 2 x USB charging stations etc..,   
You just can't live life without those small & little luxuries. 

Finally you can see what a mess my construction work looks like. There is much, much more to come along with a rain gutter system to catch rain water, a massive over the top solar system - yet to be designed. Complete trailer insulation for the floors, walls & ceiling, a diamond plate cargo box & water heater enclosure, a 1,350 CFM fan - that will blow's those  cheap RV 250 CFM fantastic fans out the door. If your still not convinced that this will be an "over the top cargo trailer", then you are on the wrong blog.
Go and buy a Casita trailer.

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