Thursday, April 28, 2011

Problems with mortar installation

       Problems with mortar. I went to the company with my glued up tile board and I asked if the glue would work, OH NO..... I was told, that comes off way to easy, you must use mortar....then the tiles will never, never, never ever  come off. So here buy our mortar.......RESULT ....mortar is 100% GARBAGE !!!! it sticks about 1/2 as good as pure wet sand.....  I have never seen crappie, crumbly mortar like this in my life. It must have been 1 part per million cement ? maybe ..... So now, I will have too figure out how to scrape that crap off and find some good stuff or go with the glue as was my original plan. Lesson learned, don't listen to tile guy with 40 years experience, test everything yourself, use your own common sense.

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