Monday, April 11, 2011

Insulation is about 90% done

          You know what they say, the last 10% is the hardest part of the job. My best guess is that the insulation will not keep you warm in Alaska. Maybe I can just build a 4" foam box of R-20 around the bed?  The shower looks pretty big, like it will take up 1/2 of the trailer. The front shower wall is also a little curved, by about 1/2" , that will add some fun to the project.

The ceiling has 1.5" of foam board & the ribs were filled with foam also
it makes the ribs a lot cooler by about 20 deg maybe ?

Shower pan is 48" wide x 34" deep, the unit will be approx. 78" high. 
I need to check the underside as there is a steel floor 
beam close to where the shower drain will go !!
Looks like it will clear by about .0001"


  1. I'm about to do the same thing with the shower. How did you cut the hole for the drain?

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