Monday, April 11, 2011

Insulation is about 90% done

          You know what they say, the last 10% is the hardest part of the job. My best guess is that the insulation will not keep you warm in Alaska. Maybe I can just build a 4" foam box of R-20 around the bed?  The shower looks pretty big, like it will take up 1/2 of the trailer. The front shower wall is also a little curved, by about 1/2" , that will add some fun to the project.

The ceiling has 1.5" of foam board & the ribs were filled with foam also
it makes the ribs a lot cooler by about 20 deg maybe ?

Shower pan is 48" wide x 34" deep, the unit will be approx. 78" high. 
I need to check the underside as there is a steel floor 
beam close to where the shower drain will go !!
Looks like it will clear by about .0001"

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  1. I'm about to do the same thing with the shower. How did you cut the hole for the drain?


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