Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm not really a Doomsday Prepper

          Not that I don't believe in some doom and gloom, just looking at the deficit and what 79 million baby booms will run up in medical bills would convince almost anybody that doom and gloom is right around the corner. Its just that when an item is 80% off, who can walk away from deal like that ? Since I can still do basic math in my head, this seams like a no brainer to me. If you put your money in the bank you get .05% interest and a tax bill to boot on the interest you just earned. With this deal it seams like buying food on sale these days gets you a guaranteed 20 - 40% return on your money, or even more!

           Here is an idea for solving the deficit, if you buy $1,000 in food and store it for 10 years till its worth $5,000 before you eat it, or you get an 80% discount, then should you not have to pay at least 15% investment tax on your $4,000 gain ? I once got a $5,000 rebate on a car only to find out when I signed the contract I owed 8 3/4%  tax on that $5,000 rebate - what a surprise that was for an extra $450. 

Lets TAX the Doomsday PREPPERS !! 

Come on.... I'm just having a little fun with you !!
Go and check with H&R to see if this legal to save this way.

I just had to do this little rant because today I was assaulted by an 81 year old Portuguese grandma while shopping for food. As I was at the check out line with my full cart, I noticed a nice grandma get in line behind me and I asked her if she would like to go ahead, since she only had a few Items ?
Without saying a work of thanks she jumped right in and gave me a very strange look why I was buying so many of the same item ? So jokingly I said to her, I was stocking up because if I was lucky to reached her age "she looked like 90+" and we depleted social security for us,  at least I would not starve due to lack of food.

YOUR-SUCH-A-BULLSHITTER blurted out of her mouth, OMG I was in shock. 
Next she said I must be Irish !! 
I work with contractors all day and YOUR-SUCH-A-BULLSHITTER came out again !!

She just went on and on and on and on!! I asked her if she remembered 1979 under Jimmy Carter where you could buy a 30 year T-Bill non callable for 15% interest ? I asked her where can you get that deal today? I never buy those she said- ignoring my question.
Then she ranted and raved about how tight she was with her money, how she had $1.5 million in investments, even saying she had just spent $20k on a vacation for herself. After she left, she came back again and said she was Portuguese and she was known as xxxxxxxxx ? I did not understand the word. The tone of her voice however sounded like it was a special slang name for a Tight-ASS-Portuguese grandma loaded with money.

Next time I see her, I will have my pepper spray ready, to keep her away !!
The clerk said she is always like that.


  1. Or you could marry her and wait her out for the investments!

    Is that a legal way to save?

    By the way I'm Maria, over here from all the other cool blogs I've seen your comments on :)

  2. Hi Maria

    That Lady was so mean, if she died and went to hell the devil would not let her in !
    He would just give her a bucket of coals and tell her to start her own hell
    I'm sure she will make it to 100+

    Maybe I'm surfing to much ?


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