Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doing the Lords work final part 5

     Here it is, we are finally at the end of the project. While it may not seem like a big project, it turned out to be quite a costly one. Project material costs were over $800. I would have guessed more like $200. I would even estimate that the labor involved was 50+ hours of labor. We however managed to stretch it out even more than that in actual hours of labor closer to 100. Now the really funny part is that some of the people helping with the project normally bill their time at almost $400 per hour. 

     So had the project been billed at actual time and material of the professional participants in the project the cost of the project actually exceeds $15,000. This is a good example of where it would have been much better to just have hired a real contractor. But heck, the whole project was for fun, for charity and a learning experience.

Here are the sprinkler pipes & drain cloth

These are the 8 way drip heads - each planter can be adjusted for 24 plants

The final look before the plants tomorrow

Here is my reward ;-)


  1. Those are the most fun types of projects! And the reward is pretty awesome too :)

  2. Thanks Maria

    The food is my downfall


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