Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just really a Fan of the Apple iPhone 4s

        Here is a little more info on my current favorite subject. Again if you don't own Apple, IMHO - your missing the Disney Supper Mega Cruse Ship. I have sorta been working double time at my not much trailer progress. Sorry !!

Siri will soon talk in more languages 

Looks like a great deal, will try this and report back.

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  1. I recently ditched my iphone 3g for a samsung infuse and couldn't be happier. I could have went with the 4g but the infuse had much better specs and more gadgets. One of the great things is the infuse has a 1.3mp front facing camera making skype possible.
    Before you drink the apple koolaid and run out to buy an iphone... check the specs of other similar smart phones.

  2. Hey hey Don
    I’m already overdosing on the Apple iPhone 4S. Since all my other stuff is also apple it works great together. What I like most about the phone and the app Air Dictate where now I can do everything by voice only. Since I’m a really lousy typist this feature alone makes it perfect for me. Most of the people I deal with are Asians and 70% of them also have Apple products. So now I can also get free calls and texts between iPhones. I also like the mobile me where I can post about 20,000 pictures online very easily.
    I do have to admit I cheat a little. I also run the Windows software on my iMac. So I have the best of both worlds on the 27 inch screen. I can’t seem to type into this stupid blogger window, so what I have to do is type all my replies into a word document and then copy it over into the blogger window.

  3. There's a chance you're eligible for a complimentary Apple iPhone 7.


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