Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vonage iphone App

       Well here goes another rant as to how good the iPhone 4s really is. Too bad this also works with Blackberry & Android. Looks like this is turning into it Apple blog. But don't worry I'll get back to the cargo trailer soon. I just keep finding these new great things and I want to report back to you how well they work. 

       Today I found a Vonage  phone app which is very similar to Skype. It's super easy to install. "No stupid user name and password is required" Once installed you just start that app and it asked you to enter your phone number. Then it sends you a  six number code which you enter in to your app. Now you're set. You have the option to purchase some airtime for $4.99 or $9.99 directly from itunes. I decided to purchase the $9.99 phone time and try it out with some overseas calls to europe. I made some calls till my hand was completely cramped up and I could no longer hold the phone anymore. The cost was $2.42 OMG how cheap...I LOVE VONAGE !!

     The better option you have, is you can invite people in your contact list to download the Vonage app and then you can talk to them for free up to 3000 minutes per month, or at least till your blue in the face. It seems about 10% of my peeps are already using the Vonage app. I would assume if your on G3 you might be using your minutes ? If your on a WiFi then its not using your minutes. So someone smart person could get by with a cell phone and maybe 100 minutes per month. I now have 12,000 roll over minutes.

The sound was very good, you could not tell I was using a internet phone.

look at all the great reviews all ***** 5 stars
get this one TODAY !!

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