Friday, February 17, 2012

A little work on the E panel today

        I was very lucky to squeeze in a little work on my electric panel today. I installed a 12 volt on and off button for the inverter. Without that button the unit was sucking about 15 Watts per hour on standby.  Every little bit adds up and in two weeks my battery could be dead. 

Here is the button on the inside, 
this turns the inverter 100% off.

Here is the button on the outside of the cabinet.

Extra set of # 6 cables for other items.

I set up my battery charger so that it can be easily unplugged,
its also screwed to the cabinet so nothing fly's around.
This also allows other items to directly quickly connect to the battery,
maybe like an air pump ?

These Anderson power pole connectors are great.

I like to be able to disconnect everything thats not being used.
Much less fire hazard that way.

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