Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finally progress electric panel has been installed

      Yahoo!! The electric panel was installed and the 300 inverter is working. One always wonders when you do this kind of project and spend $1500 if everything will work when it's finally all hooked up ? So far so good.  I will report on additional progress as soon as possible. 

Here is the inside of the entire panel again. 

Here you can see the two green lights on the 300 Watt sine inverter. 

The battery connection, just to be on the safe side I only install a 75 amp fuse.
The 1/0 wire I have used will hold up to a 150 amp fuse.  

Here you can see we are getting 114 Volts of pure sine a/c. 

Here is the finished cabinet on the wall.
I still need to connect the solar panels on the roof / 
connect the charge controller and then to test that system. 
Next will come the wallpaper I hope soon ?
I am feeling really bad with the flu or something, so I will keep it short today. 


  1. That's not wattage, Jerry. That's voltage, as evidenced by the meter settings. Wattage is an amount of current used, where voltage is the amount of force applied. That meter will not read wattage, but can be manually calculated by amps times volts. (I'm a retired master electrician and robotics technician.)

    1. Hi John

      I answered all your 4 post comments & made corrections, don't know if this will get e mailed to you !

      Thanks for the help...

  2. THANKS John

    I fixed that, sorry about the typo screw up !!! What did you think about my whole home made panel idea ? Its easy to take in and out for sure.

    I still don't know where in the hell I came up with an insane - screwy idea like that ??
    So far its all working pretty good on my little first test runs, I was sorta afraid that I would have some problems with the bus bars , the way i set it up !! I'll throw some NEC questions in there to keep you on your toes... A/C is easy for me , but that DC stuff is all new to me.

  3. Hi Jerry,

    Sorry, but I didn't get an email follow up, and just now got back the comments. Glad to see you got that straightened out. Contact me anytime you have questions.

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