Saturday, February 18, 2012

A great camper from John , I want a Doubleback! Ultimate Stealth!

I have to give all the credit for finding this to John on his here !!

I'm hoping he won't mind if I mention him and copy this...

Its only 87,000 British pounds & 5,000 for shipping.
You can see more at:


  1. No problem! Thanks for the free publicity! It takes seeing a few radical ideas like the Doubleback to get ideas for our own conversions... at a whole lot less cost! My belief is that you have to look at people's "root" problem. It isn't really a fancy camper with years of work to pay for it that they want. They want the freedom that comes with getting out there and traveling, and not having to work for the next 15 years to be able to use their fancy camper maybe two weeks out of the year if they're lucky. A safe, secure, and comfortable place to sleep should always be the main focus. You can always use public facilities, and eat out more often when you don't have other bills to deal with. And if you're out to see the country, you aren't going to be spending much more than sleep time back at your rig. So keeping it simple, flexible, portable (as far as being able to switch everything to a different vehicle if necessary without losing all your work and investment) and fuel efficient are what's important. The Doubleback only wins on fuel efficiency.

  2. Just posted the doubleback pics on my blog. Thx Jerry!


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