Monday, February 13, 2012

Bargin shopping at its best, I spent $147.04 and saved $436.71

        On one blog that I was reading, the writer complained about the high cost of food. He said he spent $50 and got almost nothing. So I did a little test on what bargains I could find ? So here it is !! If you want to live cheap come to California to buy your food !!

My shopping cart, filled to the brim.

Here is the proof men can also save money shopping.

Here is where I scored big.

I got 3 boxes for $4.47 or $1.49 each

1 box for $1.49 at my store, compare.

Walmart price is $7.58


  1. It's really strange why I have a hard time posting replies.? The surefire or sunfire browser set on iPad setting seams to work ok vs the iPad browser.

    I will keep testing to see what works !!


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