Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to Lose 90 Pounds and Grow a Grizzly Adams Beard in 3 Minutes

To see his video click picture or this LINK

Kolby Kirk, a.k.a Condor, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, losing 90 pounds in the process and gaining this awesome three-minute study of his face in time. Have you seen it? It’s a terrific way of compressing five months of hiking, with humor, beauty, and a pretty sweet beard.
Condor says to keep an eye out for “a few Easter eggs, a bloody nose, a pair of broken sunglasses, my parents (twice), two fly-fishermen, a movie theater marque, a rainbow, a ‘buckle-up’ joke, a famous date shake from Hadley’s, the leg of a fake human skeleton, and my three-year-old niece sleeping.”
You should also take a look at his website, the Hike Guy, because Kirk is a man that sets goals and accomplishes them. In 2009, he determined to hike 100 times, and he did. He wanted to join search and rescue, and then set down the path of training to do it. And next on his list: to hike with 150 people “who haven’t been on a hike for a while…or ever.”

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