Sunday, June 28, 2015

Air - In - The - Bag, for anywhere On or Off the road

          My latest idea, is portable air compressor in the bag with a remote switch. Why not since I have lots of battery & solar power. I wanted to give a shout out to Rodger at Functional Utility for his great service and his great products. He makes 10 amp & 30 amp remote switches, these also come with all the other parts including extra wire & fuses etc. I was joking the only thing missing was a wire crimper. I tried many remote switches and most are complete junk, your lucky if they work at all. Rodgers 10 amp remote switch is also water proof and comes with duel remotes. I found out from Rodger that the 30 amp switch works up to 40 amp if you keep the wires under 2 foot from the battery to the load. Also all remotes are on a different frequency, so I am using 6 of them in my trailer project....more details to come latter.

In my case my tire can go flat & my battery go dead 
AND I can still rescue both.

Sold on Amazon 

The bag around 20 lbs , easy to move where needed
My battery should have enough juice for 20 complete tires

            I have lots of gripe with Amazon and this ARB compressor, the $3 air filter was missing and unless i'm willing to stand in line for an hour and spend $30 postage, returning the entire unit
its DAMN IMPOSSIBLE to get that filter from Amazon or ARB direct. NOT FOR SALE.
I have other gripes about this compressor also - it comes with 23 pages of worthless
instructions how to install with  jeep air lockers " NOT INCLUDED" and there is a 15'
long wiring harness with 20 connectors also those are for the "NOT INCLUDED" air locker installation. WHY include these items ?

          A simple install diagram without air lockers is impossible to come by from ARB
no matter how hard I tried. I guess their idea is to sell you the $275 compressor, plus $30 gauge , Plus $30 air hose, plus $300 install service on your vehicle. 

When I get a chance, ill put something together for those of you who want a simple install.

Monday, June 8, 2015

5,400 solar watts today running AC on 100% solar

            Here we go today running everything full blast with dirty 1,000 watt panels , I pulled in 5400 watts or 5.4kw as the meter reads. So those of you like Technomadia & Gone with the Wynns, who are telling folks it's impossible to have solar AC  - well your flat out 100% WRONG. I kept it at 73 all day long inside the trailer while parked in full sun outside 95F. I was also running a fan, tv, dvr, lights and 63Q arb fridge set at 24F. 

           Below you can even see 6.0 KWH or 6,000 watts per day, pretty good for 1,000 watts in panels.