Sunday, October 21, 2012

license plate tracking Part 2

New License plate holder flashes to blind camera

How it Works

 While the noPhoto is a highly advanced piece of equipment, the concept behind its operation is elegantly simple.  Here is how a typical traffic camera encounter would happen with the noPhoto installed on your car:

  1. The traffic camera fires its flash to illuminate your car for a picture
  2. The noPhoto detects the flash, analyzes it, and sends the proper firing sequence to its own xenon flashes
  3. The noPhoto precisely times and fires the flash at the exact moment needed to overexpose the traffic camera
  4. Since the traffic camera is not expecting the additional light from the noPhoto, all of its automated settings are incorrect and the image is completely overexposed.  Your license plate cannot be seen you and you will not get a ticket in the mail.
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  1. Boonie

    The guy says it is not against the law. I think I will wait for the $50 Chinese version.

  2. Cool idea... I've got a cheaper way to avoid the ticket. I drive the speed limit. We've had those cameras for several years in this area. They were installed to slow down traffic in dangerous places. Though I don't like "big brother" I've learned to live with the traffic cameras.

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