Friday, October 26, 2012

Direct TV & DVR HIGH DEF 1080p cargo trailer

Now another worlds first !! For a cargo trailer.

Since I have not posted in a while - I had to do something big, so now OTTCT has high def Direct TV -DVR with all the premium movie & sports Chanel's. The receiver does record in HD about 100 hours.

Some of you don't like to watch TV while camping - but that's not the point - its just another toy to install.

The dish is very difficult to set up as it must be aligned on different 3 axes - to focus on 3 satellites at the same time.

Can someone give me programming lessons ?

Here is the receiver an HR22 / 100

If you want the very best receiver get the HR 34

more receiver info at this link below.

Here is the newer Direct antenna thats required

Here is the newer 5 element LNA

below is a link for a complete tripod set up- thats affordable

One last link to a meter to help you find your sat signals

Below is the link for John ..
as he thinks he has the mobile version on his cargo trailer
its available for only $1,750 


  1. What?? The first?? Me thinks not as I have had Dish in mine since day 1......the dish folds flat on the roof, and has auto tracking....

  2. John

    Just for you I posted the bottom link to the $1,750 antenna that you say you have on your trailer roof ?

    YOU are a rich man indeed

    1. Well, I didn't even pay HALF of that $1750. for my system.....and I have basic programming which is like $40 a month....


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