Saturday, March 17, 2012

Doing the lords work part 6 - follow up

         Well I was expecting to bring you nothing but good news on my follow-up. However I received some bad news with a panic phone call or text that the flower bed was leaking water into the church building. OMG was the impossible happening, was there a sprinkler pipe running through the building that was actually causing the leak ? I was 110% sure that my design was absolutely fail safe. Since I had supervised 98% of the operation I was not sure what could've gone wrong ?

        Of course right away the unqualified dumb ass $100 per hour "White" Gardener gave his unsolicited opinion. Oh my God I just knew it, this project was too difficult to complete for you guys. The church should have hired a real license contractor to do this project. Ha ha ha I was right after all. I just told you so. ( Since he did not like anybody getting into to his area - stealing his work.)

      Well if you remember I had left the crew in charge of installing 6 sprinkler heads exactly like above with some 1/2 gallon per hour drip emitters. What could possibly go wrong it was 10,000% fool proof ? Well do you know what went wrong, the dumb ass unqualified, over paid white gardener showed up while the plants were being installed. So he told the crew that the 1/2 GPH drip emitters would not be enough to water the plants. He told them, here are 50 little plugs that you can put in their instead, their useful for keeping the bugs out but will let the water flow freely when you bury the 1/4" plastic tube. 

Failure analysis !!!

     So did you figure it out yet, what the problem was ? As you can see from above each head - wide open can put out 141 GPH per hour. With three heads running for 20 minutes each, guess how much water was being pumped into the flower planter. Yes you are 10,000% correct 141 gallons of water were being pumped into the flower planter to water 10 little plants that could easily be watered with less than 2 gallons of water, and this was being done 3 times per week.

     Do I want to kill an unqualified dumb ass $100 per hour "White" over paid Gardener YES !!!
Even though I am a white guy too, its hard to imagine that a Licensed professional gardener could be such a stupid dumb ass who has a license ? His over watering of the same planters had caused $30,000 in damages of water damage and mold inside the 2 class rooms a few summers ago.

Monday, March 12, 2012

How many trailers are there with mood lights

          As you can see the wall paper is almost up, the lights are slowly being installed and the mood is coming to hit the road soon. I will have to check with the power meter, but I believe as you dim the lights you are using less power, however it is not a 1 for 1 power reduction. This dimmer was featured on a different date in the blog and also has a remote control option, as who needs to get out of bed to dim the lights ? The dimmer system was around $40 if I can recall properly. Each bulb uses approx. 50 watts. I have 2 fixtures one on each side, but 1 fixture at 50% power is enough light for the trailer.

Lights at full power

I did a little test, there are 15 light levels

Lights at 50%

Lights at 25%

Only the bright blue LEDs are on
and they are very bright indeed 
Lights are at about 10%

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More progress with the Porta Potty

     Finally almost done, today I installed the 3" blower fan , listed at 135 cu ft per minute, the wall paper and the upper cabinet. Click the picture below to go see the blower link. However my blower is 12v at 2.9 amps as I got it 6 months ago.

I again used some of my favorite connectors from Anderson power pole 
to connect the power for the fan.
I also installed a 12v button as a on/off switch.

Below you can see how the blower is installed,
with a 3" flex pipe through the floor.
The fan is also plug and play.
A 5 amp in line fuse & fuse holder was also used.

As you are sitting on the Prota Potty all the good fumes 
are sucked to the exterior front door.
My revenge if someone disturbs me @ wrong moment.
This is the only low tech item on the trailer,
The toilet works great with peat moss or fresh sawdust,
I was looking for a way to keep dump fees down,
which I only see going up, up & away.

I can't decide on decor to hide Porta Potty ?

I can't decide on decor to hide Porta Potty ?

I can't decide on decor to hide Porta Potty ?

Maybe gray looks the best ?