Monday, March 12, 2012

How many trailers are there with mood lights

          As you can see the wall paper is almost up, the lights are slowly being installed and the mood is coming to hit the road soon. I will have to check with the power meter, but I believe as you dim the lights you are using less power, however it is not a 1 for 1 power reduction. This dimmer was featured on a different date in the blog and also has a remote control option, as who needs to get out of bed to dim the lights ? The dimmer system was around $40 if I can recall properly. Each bulb uses approx. 50 watts. I have 2 fixtures one on each side, but 1 fixture at 50% power is enough light for the trailer.

Lights at full power

I did a little test, there are 15 light levels

Lights at 50%

Lights at 25%

Only the bright blue LEDs are on
and they are very bright indeed 
Lights are at about 10%


  1. You need multi-colored lights. Christmas every day!

  2. Looking good Jerry...

  3. Hey, Jere. The "palace" is looking good. But, I can't find classic on my blog, only on yours. In fact if I click it, blogspot recognizes me and will allow me to do stuff from your site. Strange. And, I can't leave a message without clicking first on someone's elses message to get to the page. Don't understand it.
    Anyway, I chuckled about the porta potty. First, we don't have to pay big fees to dump. There seems to be free dump stations just about everywhere. Maybe not where you are? And, a painting or a painted seat, humorous, would be best. LOL

  4. Hey Mary

    I sent you a link for the view that you wanted. The toilet seat was $5. Having one of those dump tanks also costs $400 and then the weight of the water plus installation, cost of toilet is also $400 so i figure why "pour good money down the drain ?" Pardon the expression when a $20 item will almost work as well ? So I will try this plan first and use the $1,000 savings else where.

  5. I have to wonder.....with all that you are putting in this what will the weight be?? You don't want to be putting very many holding tanks on a cargo trailer....besides, WHERE would you mount them to?? I built a raised platform and put a 20g holding tank under my p.p. with a floor drainout under the trailer, but crap is HEAVY!!

  6. BlackSheep

    Not sure what final weight will be ? but trailer can hold 5,000 lbs, since its only 30% full can't be that much. Worst case can I upgrade axel to 2 x 5,000 each. Truck can tow up to 12k on the hitch. 17k for a 5th wheel. Check the pictures I have a drawing where everything is located.


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