Thursday, January 29, 2015

Everything You wanted to know about Lithium LiFeP04 Batteries

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Lithium Batteries

CALB info

MSDS Report

Yes other cell chemistries have greater capacity fade at elevated temperatures compared to LiFePO4 but that doesn't mean LiFePO4 is immune.  From another paper:

"Excellent long-term cycling stability was demonstrated for C-
LiFePO4 /graphite prismatic cells with capacity loss of only 14% after
6000 charge–discharge cycles [21], where the cells were cycled at
20◦C and around 1C rate. However, high-temperature cycling sig-
nificantly accelerated capacity fading [22]. Amine et al. reported that there was little capacity fade at 25◦C, but approximately 70% capacity loss at 55◦C after 100 charge–discharge cycles at C/3 rate [22]. The fast fading at high temperatures was found to result from formation and growth of thick interfacial film and concomitant large impedance rise on the graphite anode which was catalyzed
by iron deposition on the graphite anode subsequent to iron disso-
lution from the LiFePO4 cathode."

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