Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1530 watt new solar panels on order

Here are the actual panels I ordered 


  1. 1530 Watts!!! That's just crazy... I see visions of a mad scientist with his powerful Tesla Coil inside his Faraday Cage Over The Top Cargo Trailer :)

  2. Pssssssssst don't tell anybody my plans :-))

    I was told today panels will not ship till the 16th this month

  3. That's a TON of solar power! Cool stuff. For most people out there, it's not doable due to the sheer size of the panels but for a large cargo trailer or gi-normous RV, it's certain doable!

    How many hours a day do you run the solar array? Do you have to shut it down at night to preserve the battery?


  4. Well Brad

    Right now without the ac I only use 400- 500+ watts per day, on a hot day with out the a/c 1000+ watts, normally by 8:30 - 9 am the battery's are getting charged on FLOAT already.... almost all the power during the day comes directly from the charge controller.
    Im just mostly still testing & getting used to the system for whenever I may hit the road ?

    The good thing about killer panels is that I even get 200+ watts during the rain & during very cloudy overcast conditions ...that really surprised me.

    On your panel you should be getting maybe 30- 40-50 watts under those conditions ??

    Maybe I can sell excess solar to others on the road , like $2 @ KW :-)

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  6. Well,that is a great power production,that much.Interesting.The plans for the home solarplease.

  7. I'm about to purchase some commercial/residential sized panels as well. I think I have the room needed on my 24' class C RV. I'm looking to your setup for guidance. I've done a lot of research and there is so much misinformation out there it's a really daunting process. I thought I could get a TriStar charging controller, but now I"m questioning whether I need the 800$ one that you have. please help!

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