Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A visit from a real QC builder contractor

         While cutting down my neighbors Eddie's tree along with his brother Anthony's help, I gave Anthony and his son a tour of my trailer project. Needles to say they both were very impressed, his 12 year old son was ready to go camping right on the spot. I really liked to talk to Anthony about my project because he is a Quality Control inspector for a major home builder who cranks out $800k to 1.8 million + stucco boxes. Their construction quality is mostly in the higher $300+ per sq. ft range. Anthony was very impressed at all my ideas and was in agreement that my ideas and construction quality were generally above what one would achieve in his price range. While I do have some cosmetic issues and minor flaws, as this is my very first project - the overall concept / design seams to be a home run. One day I will take it out to the beach at Santa Cruz for an open house Saturday - Sunday to get the opinions of the general public and hopefully make a little video to post here.

         Crazy as it may sound, one of my design ideas / goals was to built a mini Mc Mansion at 90 - 95% % below the regular price, my feeling is that most homeowners would agree. While houses in the USA are much cheaper then in San Jose / bay area - starting at $400k for the very low end, a nice house in a good area is more like $600k , throw in a good school district your at $800k , wanna live with the top 10% then you are at $1.3 million already. 

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