Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trailer AC now running 100% on Pure Solar

Here is the proof for all those who don't believe it can be done.

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The charge controller / solar panels are producing 650 watts, 
about 600 is being used by the ac, 25 watts by the ac blower fan 
& about 25 watts to keep the battery float.

It was cloudy outside - therefore the numbers went up & down

The charge controller is showing 610 watts & 47.2 amps
You can see the battery is maintained at MPPT Float level.

The inverter is using exactly 50 amps for the 500 watt window ac.

trailer and AC is now running 100% on SOLAR.... pictures are posted on my blog.

:wine:  :beer:  :P :awesome: :fan: 


  1. Hey Jerry, Your solar is producing more than my whole house!!

  2. No Mary

    I know you have 20+ panels , don't try to trick me :-))

    Maybe when I see you I can recharge your MH too, for a small fee :-))

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