Sunday, September 9, 2012

If only I had money

      I saw this classic Prevost at the local RV park today. These guys normally do not hang out in the low rent district at only $900 per month. They generally go to the $150 per day luxury parks , too bad no one was around I would liked to have a tour.

This Bus would be perfect to tow my trailer..... I just need matching colors.


  1. If you had the Prevost, you could ditch the trailer!! lolol.....hey, check out an interview of me and the STEALTH trailer on under Ramblings from Nomads Series....JOHN might enjoy it!

  2. Hey John

    Great 7 min interview , I watched it. Thanks for the link

    My trailer is the perfect toy for a Prevost owner, his guests could sleep in the back and at night the Prevost owner has his complete privacy. The trailer needs to be bigger like a stacker 9' and a guy like that could pay $200k -$400 for a tricked out painted matching trailer. I just need to finish mine and take it to a Prevost campground for a demo to start talking orders.

    My friend has a $500k RV and every time he pulls it out of his garage he has to shove $1,000 - $2,000 bill into the ATM slot next to his stereo, not including gas, something always breaks & even an oil change is $1,000 bucks, each tire is $1000 I think his rig costs about $5 a mile or more to drive.

    thanks but no thanks.

    1. Jerry--thanks for the numbers providing a perspective. I knew they were expensive, but I didn't know they were THAT expensive.

      Keith at


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