Thursday, April 24, 2014

Colorado River - Hoover Dam Canoe trip with Captain Ahab

Believe it or not this harmless looking fella is Captain Ahab,
just give him a paddle, the rear seat and 
his own boat command &
Captain Ahab is born

I just always love people who post pictures but you can't tell 
where the hell they are at, so here you go if you can't figure it out 
from all these maps......there's little hope for you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The exercise challenge

      Well is been a while since I posted something new, so her we go with the fit bit challenge. A few week back I purchased a "ONE"  and also the "ARIA" scales seen below. I have included some of my weekly exercise reports and as you can see have lost 15 lbs. since I started tracking my progress.

The scales called "Aria" operate over my wireless network 
and everything talks to each other, I can get the info on my iPhone, 
iPad or my computer as well as from my "one" that i wear on my shirt 24/7

Below is my weekly total that is e mailed to me

Today you can see I mostly sat on my big BUTT