Sunday, September 30, 2012

In California everything goes

While driving around I noticed this piece of junk & at first I thought
it was a camper shell made into a trailer.
Then I noticed its a 5th wheeler converted into a trailer. It just seams
California has no shame as to what they allow on the road

Below the neighbor who is in endless foreclosure abuse, just piles their trash in the street. Here is how to do it & get away with it too !!!!

Step 1. First borrow about $700,000 for your duplex dump for the bank in 2006. 
Step 2. Default on the loan in 2006. 
Step 3. Turn the duplex into a illegal 6 plex with extreme sub standard conditions.
Step 4. Rent out 6 units to every low life crackhead & sell lots of dope.
Step 5. Attract attention of Code Enforcement & Police
Step 6. Have Code enforcement fine your $500+ per day - works great if your - $500k on your loan. 
Step 7. Once you wrack up $200k+ in Code Enforcement fines to go with your -$500k negative equity - bank no longer has desire to foreclose under any circumstances. 

Step 8. Spread your ideas to the other neighbors houses.

Step 9. Live free & clear of any government intervention as they would now have to spend $100k to condemn & bulldoze your house and maybe $150k to relocate the poor crack- heads into new Gov subsidized low income housing, money none of which they have because of the overtime required to handle cases like this.

Update Oct 1:
Just this morning I received a call from the local Code Enforcement Inspector who was calling all the people on the street telling them that the city council will hold a hearing on this case Oct 11 at 6:30pm in the city council chambers. So here is the COMPLETE- JOKE - after all this time they still have not even racked up $10,000 in fines. The city council will decide if they approve increasing the fines to $100 per day.....OH that will really scare them as they already own the bank $700,000 plus interest in unpaid loans. Long story short - in another year when the fines reach over $25,000 then the case will be referred to the "CITY ATTORNEYs office" for more vigorous prosecution of placing a lien against their property. Currently there is one case where the owner actually owns the property and the case is ongoing for more then 10 years. In this case the owner tried to refinance and after some more vigorous negotiation with the city attorneys office - they reduced the fines 50% with the agreement the owner would sell the property. Now 10 years....thats FAST SERVICE !!!

When I asked why: The city would just not condemn the place and turn off the water & gas , I was told the inspector tried - but his bosses refused. The most simple solution is never possible.

Below you can see an illegal side addition - in the side set back zone & 
also a illegal 2nd story addition, 
along with 20 people who live in the house.

Its spreading to the other neighbors house

Now this has been ongoing for 18 months, for those of you who say this is not possible.

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