Monday, September 3, 2012

Shade from Eddies house

8:30 am labor day

         While cleaning my panels my complete horror I noticed SHADE.
Instantly I sent Eddie these pictures and told him he is robbing me of solar power , he needs to cut his tree down !! YEA at least cut the top 8 feet off .... Who would like to have me as a neighbor ? I'm slowly becoming a solar Nazi - don't cast your shade on my panels if you know what is good for you !!

Im actually just joking with you guys, my neighbor Eddie is a supper cool guy,
if you wanna live next to me - its a 800 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 bath house,
1 car open carport - built 1920 maybe ?
No need to water the grass in the front yard
and Eddie will let you have it for only $2,000 per month

one week latter

 Now who can complain about fast Eddie, sunshine has been restored to my life. 
Some of you may think that I am a mean neighbor to complain about 
shade on my solar panels, but NO - not really !! The real issue was 
that if the tree got much bigger - not only could it damage the house, 
BUT - now here is the KICKER , 
the city would want a $1,500 permit FEE to remove the tree.

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