Monday, August 27, 2012

Hacking an AC - another good idea

I found this great idea from "Jake"at this link 

This will allow the ac to only stick out about 2"
on the exterior.

Here the roof vent can be seen

Here is the almost enclosed ac

Great idea & post on the window ac unit using a refrigerator roof vent, :D  with a small unit like that one could even install 2 smaller 5,000 But ac's into a larger trailer.

I would guess that the fan in the ac has enough suction on the rear end ?

Maybe the roof vent is like this model approx. ?

a roof vent.png

I have another idea for a side vent that may also work.

I would also assume there is some kind of pan to drain the water to the exterior or ?? :thinking:

Find the roof vent at this link


  1. Have you given up on the floor standing AC? That's a simpler solution, but you need the type that has 2 ducts for outside air, one in and one out.

    I remember there's a model that has a concentric design, meaning a smaller duct inside a larger one. That would be the simplest to install.


  2. Hi NW-Bound

    The single duct floor AC unit just does not work to my satisfaction. I tried to convert the single hose unit into a duel hose unit....Results are not good in my case. Manufactures should just really stop selling those single hose units IMHO.

    I like doing different experiments and hopefully others can learn and improve on my results so that it may work for them. Thanks for your comments.

  3. After posting the above comment, I found and read your post where you made another path for the AC outdoor air intake. Sounded reasonable to me, but then you said it was not satisfactory, but you did not say why. Was it because the airflow was too restricted?

    I like to read about people rolling their own like you do. There are two other blogs that I found, but they seem to progress very slowly, and I wonder if they have abandoned their project.

    Best wishes,



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