Friday, August 3, 2012

Ultimate Hacking Guide for portable AC Part 4

        Well the results are in and I'm very very sad to report after all that effort, the single house to duel hose conversion of the LG floor model does not work, at least not to my satisfaction .....It works better then before, but unless you have free power I would give it a thumbs down failure.

      My next plan is to replace the 5,000 Btu roof unit with a slightly larger by only 2-3 "  8,000 Btu window unit also with a larger 4" hose and a larger 4" blower. That should work much better as I am really satisfied with the performance of the small roof unit, it seamed to work great up to about 90 deg in full sunlight. I will add some pictures to this entry as I get started with the project.

I just ordered a 4" x 10 ft plastic hose from harbor freight in hopes that the blower will not be quite as loud.

Update: The hose arrived supper fast in 4-5 days...but has a very strong chemical - plastic smell, so I need to air it out for some time.

I just found and ordered this new water heater from Lowe's....But fast service and local PU is not in their book ....

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