Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Jacuzzi Water Heater has Arrived

        Here it is one lest view of the old water heater, the Bosch 1600 ...going... going....gone !! The old water heater worked fine, however I was mad that it was not very adjustable temperature wise only worked from 120 to 150 deg output. Since I have a ultra low flow fixture of 1.1 gpm - the water heater would cut the hot water off as I tried to mix in some cold water. To be honest I could have replaced the faucet to a 2-3 gpm model , but that would burn through my water supply much faster & energy / water conservation is one of my main goals. Another issue was the problem with that stupid required 5" x 5 ft flue that was supposed to be installed - it did however, "thank god" work as you can see it sitting here. One final issue with the old heater was that the Bosch 1600 is really an indoor model, the new heater is an outdoor model.

Again all of these things can also be installed in your house - not necessarily a trailer.

The old water heater did have a frontal cabinet, however due to its design 
and being installed behind a second cover
I did not really see a need to use it !

The new Jacuzzi water heater 180,000 BTU below

First the quality of this heater is 10 x better, the market price of both are around $800 
I did however score the Bosch at a close out price of $300
but the weight of the Bosch is maybe 20 lbs vs a solid 50 lbs for the Jacuzzi
So right there you get 3 times the bang for the buck. 

As you can see the water heater to my total Happy Surprise 
is made by Rinnai
Made in Japan 

Here are the specs from the side panel

This is a picture with the front cover off

The top screw is the + 
the lower screw is the -
nowhere does it say that :-((

Here are the 2 terminals for the control panel &
the 8 secrete dip switches to make additional adjustments
By qualified Licensed - plumbers only ! 

There is lots of electric wiring inside this unit 
also a 3 amp 120 volt fuse is installed

This is the view of the inside of the front cover
additional very detailed instructions are included here

I reinforced the support bracket with additional stainless screws
It only came with 2 screws-
I also checked for interior clearance first

I reinforced the support bracket with additional 7 stainless screws,
I also used 2 of the 3"L brackets to support the 50 lbs. weight
they also support the top cover panel - sean below

Here is the final install - bolted to my support panel
Next will come the water and power connections saved for another day.
With (2) - 5 gal bottles it should do a min of 600 gallons at 120 deg.
Since I like my water around 102 - maybe I'll get 800 gallons
Time will tell & I will report back latter 

Stay Tuned for more


  1. Congratulations on having a new jacuzzi water heater! (Though it’s a month late haha) Nothing feels good than bathing in a jacuzzi, especially when the water heater is working excellently. :) To prolong its lifespan, drain your water heater at least once a year. It wouldn't be bad if you hire a professional to perform the maintenance on your water heater if you're not knowledgeable about it.

  2. With all the problems you had with your old heater that you mentioned, I think it was just right that you finally replaced it. What good would it do you to make do with something, when you can have something much better, right? Your new heater certainly looks more modern and capable. I think you’ve made a good choice. I assume it came in with a warranty? Better check it to know when it’ll expire and up to what extent of damage it will cover. ;)

    Darryl Iorio


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