Sunday, August 12, 2012

Solar Wiring Mistry "1600 + watts" is Solved

Hi Guys I'm hoping someone out there can help me with some answers :worship: :worship: 

My current off grid system has 4 x 210W @ 26 volts Kyocera panels wired + to - . These four panels are connected to a 15 amp dc fuse. I am using a flex Max 80 charge controller on a max 60 amp fuse. The charge controller is connected to two Surrette 400 amp hour 12 volt batteries. The system works great.

I would like to purchase an additional 4 x 235 or 245 watts @ 30 volts panels 65” x 39” solar panels to expand the system. The first problem is that the panels are already different wattage rating 210 and now ( 235 – 245 ) watt for example. The second issue is that the four 235 panels will be laying flat on a roof . The 4 x 210 panels will be installed 90 vertical on a house wall. Please imagine a south west facing house wall and a small flat roof area. So 4 panels @ 210 will be installed on the wall and 4 panels @ 235 will be installed flat on the roof. This is the only possible system configuration at this time. !!! I am located in the SF Bay Area. The purpose of the system is to generate a min of 800 real time watts, let’s say between the hours of 1 PM and 5 PM during the summer months on sunny days. The power produced by the solar panel is required to power an 800 watt ac window air conditioning unit, during those hours – and to have a min or zero negative power drain from the battery system if at all possible ? If possible I would like to wire all 8 panels – through the same 15 amp dc breaker –into the flex max 80 charge controller which can handle 1250 watts max load ( but ) could also use 2 x 15 amp dc breakers if necessary. 

In addition I would require a larger 2000 watt x 12 volt inverter ( Sine or Modified sine )? to power the 800 watt window ac load. If possible I would like to use the Modified sine inverter because the ac window unit is only intended - needed to have a 2-3 year service life and could be easily replaced. If your could answer as to help me out with your knowledge that would be great !!

I have been told there may be some issue as the 2 strings of panels are possible different volts 26 max for one 210 watt and 30 volts max for the 2nd 245 watt .... Now keep in mind the panels never generate the same / max volts unless its at the perfect angle to the sun anyway :frightened: 

The guy at the solar company said I may need 2 charge controllers ( one for each string of 4 panels ) due to different volts, but I have sean lots of you guys mix different size solar panels seemingly on the same charge controller ? When a panel is shaded there are also less - different volts ? so what the hell 
If someone has experience running his 5,000 to 10,000 Btu window ac with a cheap $200-$300 generator set as these are all Modified sine wave please let me know :thinking:

I posted this on some form boards with limited results.

I guess you guys are all figuring if that crazy OTTCT wants to light up New York ...

then let him figure it out by himself :lol: :lol: :D  one thing I can tell you for sure is don't call any solar company's for advice, because they will sell ice boxes to eskimo's when its 100 below zero

Well after a little work :poop: I finally got it aced :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

But you all are going to have to stay tuned for the answer :fan: :fan:
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