Friday, August 10, 2012

New Jacuzzi Water Heater is Coming

I just found and ordered this new water heater from Lowe's....But fast service and local PU is not in their book ....

If you want to see the details click here  

Im thinking to change this model as my current Bosch unit only makes water from 120 - 150 , not adjustable :cry: :cry: 
The problem with my low flow faucet @ 1.1 GPM shuts off at times :x :x 

this new model works with .4 GPM to start , only needs .25 GPM to run & up to 7.5 GPM ,
cracks up with as little as 5 - 10 psi water pressure
Water temp is adjustable from 98 to 150 with a separate included control panel

and has freeze protection to I think 10 deg F :beer: :beer:
Best of all does not need a stupid vent set up :applause: 
Its even an outdoor model FOR USE in Mobile homes that matters ??? :shock: 

Stay tuned !!

First bad review for LOWES - the In-store free pick up 
& fast shipping is a cheap come on :x:x

even their price estimator was WRONG !!

The shipping will take 12 days min !!

Packet must be shipping by donkey & water buffalo from outer mongolia ??

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