Friday, July 4, 2014

New 16kw Lithium Battery Power for 100% RV - Solar Powered HVAC

         Here is your first sneak peak at 
the new mega 16kw battery / power center. 

The cornerstone of a 100% solar HVAC system for Rv's - 
something that pretty much everyone agrees is impossible to do

         It's replacing a old 400 Ah Surrette L16 flooded battery - weight of which was 260 lbs - to get a lousy 2,000 to 2,500 watts 50-60% DOD per day. I fell into the same trap that all the other suckers who since 1865 bought flooded or AMG batteries - since that's 98% of the market, how was I to know it was really a $1,000 junk lead brick, money out the door. The new power centers weight is only 400 lbs but will provide up to 13,000 usable watts daily at 80% DOD for up to 3,000 cycles. If the sun stops working - I might live a few days longer then the rest of you :-) I figure if I use it for 10 years it will save me over $24,000 vs using a generator with gas or diesel to generate power as the cost of solar is free and to charge it on the grid will cost me $1.50 vs $13.00 running a generator or even worse being forced into a RV park at $40-$50 per night. The black box on top with the RED button and LOUD ALARM is the self destruct if you break into the trailer. You then only have 30 seconds to disarm the system "or" it might be part of the BMS - I forget which right now ! The last picture is the power center wrapped on a pallet in my truck bed. Stay tuned a more detailed report of exactly how it will power the OverTheTopCargoTrailer - HVAC mini split AC which is expected to hopefully arrive in the next 1-2 weeks. 

When the trailer is complete it will be able to heat at 10F and also cool at 110F 
parked in the full sun thanks to 100% solar power 

The era of the 100% solar powered RV 
- HVAC system has arrived


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  2. Thanks for stopping by

    When I get a chance to install the battery I will post some more detailed pictures.

  3. We have 1.42 kW of solar, 4.0 kW PSW inverter and 9.6 kw-hr of LFP on a 34' fifth wheel. We have run a/c (Dometic ac) for 3.5 hours. This drops us to 50% DOD. The fridge is an 110 V AC and we run it we run it on solar/battery bank 24 hours in summer. This puts us down -2.5 to 3.0 kW-hrs by morning. We do run heating with propane heater and catalytic propane heater. Glad to see someone else doing the same
    Reed and Elaine

  4. Dear Reed & Elaine

    Thanks for following along. I'm glad not to be alone on the Lithium highway, drop me a line sometime. I can share some extra tips.
    My mini split AC SEER 20 uses about 200 - 250 watts per hour average , i'm fully charged by 12 noon and normally never drop below 80% DOD
    in the morning it takes 1,000 to 1,500 watts to be at full charge. I use on average 3,000 to 4500 watts for all my junk.
    The mini split could actually be run i'm 99% sure on a 1,000 watt PSW inverter, i'm using a 2800 outback thats overkill.

    Cheers Jerry

  5. Oops i mean my batteries never go down more then 20% & I habe 80% reserve

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