Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to disarm a 16,000 watt battery like MacGyver

           I sort of had the feeling I was disarming something dangerous- one wrong slip and ka-boom. Now for those of you who are a little nervous, you might wanna look away. Here comes the fun part, just remember don't drop a wrench or touch anything across the positive / negative bus bars. The best case is you might be blind after you see 4th of July fireworks.

Here is the battery & BMS that needs to be removed
for shipping it also sits inside a metal frame.
The gray tray & black box is the BMS
Left side has 800 amp fuse and contactor
The right wire is Negative
The left wire is Positive

Its so easy, flip a tiny switch and see 13.71 volts
100% charged would be 14 volts maybe
On this battery Bulk is 14.0 vdc
Absorb is 14.4 vdc
Float is 13.6 vdc

no water to refill

First switch the BMS off 'silver switch" & remove the negative to the BMS
the black button is the reset button

This works great with 1/2" or 13 mm socket

Step 2 remove the positive wire from the BMS

Step 3 unplug the wiring harness from the BMS

Remove the 12+ little wires from the battery circuit boards

In my case it was easier to get the black boards to pop off 

vs. unplugging each wire
and maybe break something

Finally remove the 4 bolts holding the BMS to the battery
this was a 6 mm allen wrench

Here we go BMS is removed - danger is mostly over

Last item remove the 9 bridges tying the 4 cells together

Finished for now
Stay tuned - removal of metal frame & reinstallation coming soon

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