Saturday, August 2, 2014

Do Dreams really come TRUE ?

Dreams really do come TRUE !!


                  Here is a picture of a very tearful goodbye

from my very best friend Ricky the Ebola Rat Master. 

7 Years and $1,400,000 bank fraud, 500+ visits from police and code enforcement, $13,000 unpaid electric bill, 1 arrest for city water thefts.
100,000 drug deals right in a school zone, ZERO arrests for that
2 years without any power, 2 years condemned house, turned a deplex into a 6 plex, 20 bums paying rent to live there, $50,000 in unpaid property taxes, 
$125,000 in code enforcement fines & 6 months free living after the bank foreclosure,
San Jose city has spent $250,000+ on services, fire , ambulance, free meals, police & code enforcement.
55 Count criminal inditement 2 years ago, the list goes on and on..... 

July 31st has become the new 4th of JULY for our street

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