Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lithium batteries hidden inside cabinet - now fully operational

         Here we go the 16kw / 16,000 watt mega battery system installed inside a standard 24" kitchen cabinet. There are even a few inches of room to spare. The cabinet floor was reinforced and should hold the weight without any problems. The entire system sits directly over the duel dexter axel to provide the smoothest possible ride. There is a 3" vent fan present - however it will most likely never be needed as these batteries don't produce hydrogen gas like the flooded units do. The batteries came inside a metal frame for easy lifting with a crane or forklift, I'm just using 2 strong 400 lbs straps to hold everything together just in case. 

        The lithium batteries have a different charging profile vs flooded batteries. Today I was able to add 4,000 watts solar power after having disconnected the solar for a few days. This part is really fun because none of the charge controllers or standard chargers are made for Lithium batteries - so that will remain the top secret - you may have buy my book to get an easy answer - I don't wanna give away the trade secret's for free, nobody made it that easy for me. I actually did offer to help a few people - but they weren't really that interested with my offer of help them set up their system - so I guess they like doing it their own way I would assume.

        It's sort of funny when you look at the trailer it looks so simple - everything is hidden inside all the cabinets, it's sort of like the Emperor dressed in Shepard's clothing. I guess it might be funny to cram all this stuff into a 1950's tin can vintage trailer one day. 

My solar charging is coming along pretty well, after much tweaking I am finding the setting that work quite well. None of this is in the CC books or comes with the batteries - so its mostly trail and error which involves lots of sitting around and watching what happens a few adjustments at a time. Yesterday I was able to determine that you get much more juice from your panels using Lithium batteries vs flooded batteries. Here is my post from another location, just for people who love flooded batteries.

Another reason flooded batteries SUK :x :x :x 

                                Since I just switched - I can now tell you 
if another person tells me how great their T105 
Golf Cart batteries are 

I will VOMIT ON YOU :lol: :lol: :lol: 

My old L16 Flooded 400 AH Surrette vs Lithium Max 

Flooded battery charge from solar panels 670 watts 

Lithium battery charge from solar panels 850 watts 

- Flooded 670 vs 850 Lithium

Moral of the story  - your loosing 10-20% of your max possible solar charge output due to having junk batteries, another big secret no solar guy will ever tell you. 

Stay tuned for more.

        Transfer Efficiency of energy produced from renewable energy sources to storage batteries can significantly influence cost of the overall system.  Poor transfer efficiencies of lead acid require 20% larger solar installations when compared to LYP lithium storage systems. Lead acid batteries due to their high internal resistance have a transfer efficiency of 72 - 76% compared to 96% transfer efficiency of the LYP battery. A 50W, Solar panel installation can produce 400 whr of energy during an 8 hour period,  but only 304 whr of this energy will be stored by lead acid batteries, meanwhile a 40 watt solar panel installation with LYP batteries would store the same amount of energy during an eight hour period.

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