Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Outback Mate3 and the Outback hub 4

       After a minor panic with the Mate3 appearing to be dead out of the box - Outback tech support Chris had me try a number of different cables. I tried 2 cables both worked with the hub - but not with the Mate3 , but it turns out trying a few more cat5 cables solved the problem. My only little Biach with this controller is that it's MEGA LARGE - and I would be happy if it was 75% smaller. However at $450 some bucks it does allow you to tweak just about anything under the sun. Below you can see the size of the Magnum controller - which size works just fine. Now I just need to read a 100 page guide book which details all the 1,000's of tweaks possible. Considering the size of this system - I wanna suck every watt possible. Stayed tuned for more programing details.

Above the small Magnum controller, the mate3 and the Hub

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