Monday, August 20, 2012

Houston - OTTCT - reports ignition on all burners @ 5:15 PST


OTTCT - reports ignition on all burners @ 5:15 PST 

Main water heater burn was successful :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: 
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All burners are running A - OK :thumbsup: 

Temperature controller was verified as operational 98-120 degrees :thumbsup:

Some of you may not understand my joy at see this thing work, but it is quite nerve racking to install something this expensive AND all over the place it says don't call us if it does not work because it should be installed by a real licensed & certified & bonded contractor with permits Yada Yada . You as a regular guy are too stupid to touch this. Its really supper simple to install - a baby could do it. Its like a weasel clause to get out of helping you if it does not work. There are about a ton of wires and connectors inside the unit , plus fuses and I know from experience any one comes loose you are stuck in deep doodoo. I do have to say however if someone is an electrical genius it does have a great wiring diagram, I also know from experience these water heaters are installed by plumbers & union rules don't allow them to stick an outlet into the wall. So they blame the problem on each other. 

It only takes about 1.5 quarts for hot water to come out  , its only a 8 ft run from the heater, that’s the part I really love, fast hot water. I found out my favorite shower temp setting is around 104 deg.... I will try to get used to 98 and save gas if possible. The water inside my interior storage tanks this time of the year is around 70 deg , normally water from the city is around 56 deg so more heating is required. I’m hoping I can get around 800 gallons of hot water on 2 x 5 gal propane bottles. 

Another idea that I have is to see if in the winter time I can put hot water into my storage tanks to heat the trailer interior, I will let you know how that plan works out. I still have a little wiring to clean up and then will post some more pictures of the thing in operation.

On the front one can see the new 2" x 8" vent, the more water is taken out
the harder the air actually blows from the vent.
I will still install a water tight cover over the vent
to make it blend in a little more.

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