Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Fun Fun at the Calif DMV

         Well here we are at 8:30 am on a cool Friday morning and soon I will be able to add my experience to the great nightmare of what to expect while doing something as simple as getting a license renewal. There are about 70 people in line around the building in Los Gatos a city with no houses under $1 million dollars. Just to be on the safe side I have planned 2 full days to accomplish this task. Including having all the possible documents at hand to prove your really legal !!

        I recall once in the 70's I was in and out of a New Mexico DMV , with a real gov issued plastic drivers license in my hand in under 2 hours , for less then $5 .....

      Oh how efficient Government used to be before the Internet was invented. I have heard it now takes 60+ days or more to get your license, if your lucky. If there is no paper work SNAFU 


Well the wait in the line up to the information desk was about 1.5 hours
Once at the information desk you were given your form DD44 to fill out,
then you were given a recycled paper number 
and could sit down and wait till your case was called.

That process took another 2 more hours - but we were told it could be as long as 3 hours.

Once inside at the DMV "no pics allowed i'm sure"
I was only at the counter 5 minutes max,
I gave the form & my old license
No other documents were required
No questions were asked 
like are you legal or not ??
No written test was required
No vision exam was requested

The clerks only question
Will you pay $31 in cash, check or charge ?

Sign here
Then smile for the picture counter # 21
Card will be in the mail 3 weeks....
now get the hell out !!!

Its about 12 noon now

Now I'm even more pissed .........
no more endless line outside DMV
Who can believe that crap ?

Moral of the story
people who sleep till noon - 
don't need to suffer long lines

Just one guy sitting around killing the time

Across the street the Hells Angles Club House 
getting ready to go on a run ?

Here is the DMV update: Sept 1 

On Sept 1st my new license already arrived in the mail
Much to my surprise !!
and a few days prior to that the renewal notice which 
I could have just sent off in the mail had also arrived.

They just asked if I had become blind -
 then would I please come in for a eye test ?
If my vision was good then just send them $31


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