Monday, September 3, 2012

Installing the new Magnum MM1512AE Inverter

          My new Magnum 1500 watt inverter is set up .... It's still in the beta testing phase , wiring to be cleaned up a little latter. Finally its up and running, install time so far is about 6 hours, there is always some anxiety when installing something new & expensive. The inverter will pull up to 2100 watts and is also a 70 amp 4 stage battery charger as well as allowing 120 volt house current @ 20 amps - shore power to flow through the inverter directly to the system. It delivers a 3 in 1 function.

       I have slowly tested the inverter and it powers my 500 watt window ac unit without any major problems. I am now well on the way to having the only ac - solar powered cargo trailer in the world, at least that I know of ? When connected to shore power, the inverter still allows the solar panels to first charge the batteries. The Flexmax 80 charge controller puts out 14.8 volts and the charge controller puts out 14.5 volts, therefore the panels and charge controller deliver the power.

Here is the complete MM1512AE manual if your interested Click here !

For the specs look at the middle column

I have decided to install the inverter next to my electric cabinet because:
There is no space inside the cabinet and
the unit needs to have a adequate cool air supply

Above is the ME-RC50 remote controller - 
this unit while not required is 
highly recommended and is required if one wants to use 
the inverter to equalize the batteries.

This is a 100 amp marine breaker, this breaker should allow about 1200 watts 
to flow to the inverter, latter I will try to replace this with a 125 amp breaker.
This will allow the full 1500 watts to flow from the Inverter.
It can easily be opened with the push of the red button or to be reset if needed.

I have looped the wiring under the panel as I have been told that
 the negative and pos wires should be approx. the same distance.

Below you can see the inverter wire connected to the main bus bar,
it is always recommended that the inverter be as close as possible to the batteries 
- yet however not be located inside the same cabinet, 
so that corrosive fumes would not damage the electronics inside the inverter.

The red disconnected wire is used for my smaller
Morningstar 300 watt pure sine inverter.

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