Saturday, March 26, 2011

Over The Top Cargo Trailer

          This is the story of one mans journey to create a great Solar cargo trailer. I have seen very few links on this topic on the internet. There are a few people who have created a cargo trailers with some solar mostly of a very simple version, 6 x 12, 1 futon bed, a small stove, a small battery and a few solar panel, but here my goal is to hit the ball out of the park. I have looked at houses - trailers built by   but those seam to cost $50k+, that seams a little high in my humble opinion. The budget for this project will be up to $30k, not counting my labor of course, so stay tuned and lets see what happens? We are starting version #2 with a newer 2013  CarMate cargo trailer 7 x 18'  cost is approx. $7,000 - the picture above is version #1 from 2007. The 2013 CarMate will be the first RV trailer ever built in the USA to support 100% solar HVAC - that is heating down to 10F and cooling up to 115F provided 100% pure solar - this is something most experts will tell you is impossible, yet however here we are, I have constructed the impossible. I hope that you will join me on this journey and refer my blog to your friends. 

Below are some pictures of the First version 2007 trailer

& the newer 2013 CarMate version is below

Hidden side solar panels great for mornings & winter time

6 Extra bright rear lights - you can't miss them

The 16,000 Watt Lithium Battery System

Digitale door locks

Roof top solar panels

A sliding full size storage tool box
allowing for extreme turning

Running lights

The 4th of July view Red - White & Blue
front and on the side

Special custom made solar roof racks


  1. Please remove the BMS from your battery pack. It will burn your trailer to the ground. Instead bottom balance your cells and use a JLD 404 to set cut-off points for charging and discharging.

  2. Just found this site and your comment. So with a nominal cell voltage of 3.2V, a 12vdc system would typically have 4 cells in series. Ditching the BMS you could just charge a single bank of 4 in-series cells with what type of charger since most 12v "smart" chargers have a 3-stage process for lead acid types)?.

    Then, do the bottom balance a couple times a year using this JLD404 meter with the relays to turn off the discharge when voltage drops to the low cutt-off point?

    Am I following correctly?

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