Thursday, May 10, 2012

New 14" roof vent replacement

         As I found out when I went to Camping World I was told there are four different kinds of plastic vent covers. WOW who would have guessed ? I decided just to replace the old vent with the bigger Maxx Air vent. As I already have the underfloor whole house attic vent monster fan. I am deciding on installing some smaller computer vent fans into the ceiling they only run at about 30 - 40 db , they also come with speed adjustments and cool blue lights :-)). Stay tuned to see what happens ?

       The old vent was only 4 years old , parked in the driveway. It might only last 2-3 years on the road. Out with the JUNK - in with the new and better stuff

The attachment brackets 

The Maxx Vent cover 

New view

The old vent 


  1. It looks so nice! Added it to blog.
    Nice collection of buttons. You are doing and good job here.

  2. seems that the vent was successfully installed. To those who are considering of replacing their old vents, just be very careful when removing the old roof vent. Sheet metal cuts very easily, you know.

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