Friday, May 18, 2012

Possible new camera

       My old work horse broke after having been dropped 10+ times for work, maybe I will use this camera vs. my dream camera, which costs about $2k, at least for the time being. I bought this replacement but I'm am still reading the 120 page user Manuel before opening the box and deciding to keep her.

It does have180 and 360 deg pictures and also GPS for its pictures , 
one feature I was looking for.

Fast forward to March 28 - I took about 250 pictures with the new camera as I left my old one at home when I went to visit a friend. I can report back that I set it on 5 mega pixel not the 16 mega pixel that it does & the pictures come out great. It is especially great on the zoom and it also takes great pictures in enclosed spaces in the dark. So far I am very happy with my choice. I was able to figure out how everything worked and never had read the instructions from the box once I had the camera unpacked. I did scan the instruction prior to see if it had features I liked. Set at 5 mega pixel it will take about 2700 pictures on the included 4 GB card.

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